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proximity marketing

Proximity marketing is sales marketing that relates to the location of the prospect within a store or mall. It is a wireless service in which an individual prospective customer is offered a product range within reach on his smartphone.

The localization and tracking of prospective customers can be carried out by means of mobileradio via the determination of the radio cell, by means of WiFi and Bluetooth 5 with several beacons, via the Internet in combination with GPS or also by means of near field communication in combination with RFID. A frequently used method for proximity marketing uses Bluetooth, which is why it is often referred to as Bluetooth marketing. It works with many mini-transmitters, the beacons, which are distributed in a store and via which it is possible to determine the exact position of the prospective customer. In shopping streets or malls, visitors can be alerted to relevant offers with a push message.

Proximity marketing can use broadcasting to address many interested parties or individual single interested parties who are in a specific local area.

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