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provider backbone bridging with traffic engineering (802.1Qay) (PBB-TE)

Provider BackboneBridging with Traffic Engineering(PBB- TE) is a carrier-gradeEthernet variant developed by Nortel for secure transport in Next Generation Networks( NGN).

Provider Backbone Bridging is an Ethernet tunneling technology that can be used to control data paths within large Carrier Ethernet networks. PBB-TE has been standardized by the IEEE 802.1Qay working group, it supports quality of service( QoS) and can use specific paths for specific traffic types. It offers high stability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, and is designed to help solve the backhaul problems caused by the huge increase in traffic from video sharing, mobile TV, and other real-time and streaming mobile applications. PBB-TE can be used to establish point-to-point links such as E-Line, as well as LAN communications with E-LAN.

PBB-TE technology is being further developed as Provider Backbone Transport( PBT) and is intended to be a low-cost alternative to Multi-Protocol Label Switching( MPLS). PBB-TE is one of several approaches to connection-oriented packet switching. The other technologies under discussion are Transport MPLS( T-MPLS) and VLAN Crossconnect (VLAN-CX).

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