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protected media path (PMP)

Protected MediaPath (PMP) is a copy protection that significantly improves the digital rights management (DRM) of audio and video. PMP copy protection evolved from Secure Audio Path (SAP) and is designed to make movies stored on DVD playable on Windows Vista

. PMP copy protection has some interesting features one of which is Certified Output Protection Protocol (COPP), which allows certain applications to be selectively blocked from certain video cards or video outputs. For example, an application that is not encrypted with High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) could be locked to a Digital Visual Interface (DVI) or analog VGA output. In consumer electronics

, this feature is known as Selectable Output Control.If video card manufacturers have not implemented the Selectable Output Control feature, the corresponding video cards cannot be used in media centers

. In addition, PMP copy protection forms the kernel for the Protected Environment (PE), where special software modules, including drivers and other code, support restrictive rights management of entertainment productions.

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