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projection mapping

Projection mapping is a mapping technique in which graphics, images or videos are projected in 2D or 3D onto real objects. The decisive factor here is that the projection refers exclusively to the outlines of the object, which can also move or rotate. The dimensions of the projection object, which can be arbitrary and irregular, form the boundaries for the projection surface.

Projection mapping are multimedia projections with artistic effects. To correct distortions caused by irregular project outlines and curved or bent surfaces, the objects are photographed in advance of the work and made available to the artists for their creations and compositions. The projection surface is precisely determined prior to projection mapping and its shape and boundaries are defined. Only then is the graphic implementation carried out, after which complex interactions such as the insertion of fonts or animations are calculated. The art projections are adapted to the object surfaces and their boundaries using special software and powerful computers.

Video mapping: Brandenburg Gate, rose pattern, photo:

Video mapping: Brandenburg Gate, rose pattern, photo:

Projection mapping or video mapping has some similarity with texture mapping, with the difference that texture mapping does not work with a delimited projection surface. Projection Mapping is used at major events, in shows, concerts, at presentations, sporting events and in many other events.

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