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programming language C

The C programming language is currently the most common imperative programming language. In imperative programming languages, the individual instructions are compiled as a sequence, these are executed one after the other and solve the task. The C programming language has the great advantage of being close to the machine and therefore very fast, without sacrificing higher concepts, such as structurability.

The C programming language uses the same numerical values, addresses and characters as a computer. The instruction set is limited to elementary instructions, which benefits processing speed. Complex commands must be composed.

This characteristic has led to entire operating systems being written in the C programming language, except for a small assembler core. Among other things, the operating systemUnix was created in this way. Another advantage of the programming language C is the relatively easy portability to other computers. A disadvantage is the more difficult readability (Write Only Language) of the program listings. The programming language C originated from the programming language B and this in turn from the programming language BCPL and was implemented for the first time by Dennis Ritchie in the Bell laboratories for the Unix operating system on a DECPDP-11.

The C programming language has an extensive vocabulary and is used in system development and application programming. The Unix operating system is written in the C programming language.

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