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process and experiment automation realtime language (PEARL)

The programming language PEARL (Process Experiment AutomationRealtime Language) is designed as a universal realtime language, in which all important realtime and process programming features are integrated as equal language elements in addition to the commonly used options for describing data and algorithms

. Therefore, PEARL is suitable for both commercial and technical applications. The PEARL programming language was formulated jointly by process computer manufacturers and users from research institutes in the 1970s. About 25 institutions were involved in its development. PEARL is a programming language that supports the development of very large programs

. Thealgorithmic language resources of PEARL are not very different from those of other higher-level languages. The algorithmic language concept is based mostly on Algol 68 and was influenced by Pascal. The syntax was largely adapted to PL/1.

Example of a PEARL module

Example of a PEARL module

With the PEARL programming language, the problems and possible solutions in real-time programming can be represented almost as if in a model. A sample program with a module containing only accuracy specifications and a task with agreements is shown in the example.

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