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  1. According to DIN 44302, a procedure is a control method. It is understood to mean the definition of the processes at the interface between the data terminal equipment (DTE) and the data transmission equipment (DCE) for controlling the connection, establishing the connection, holding theconnection and terminating it. The term procedure is often used synonymously with protocol and also describes the flow of a protocol; however, the term "procedure" is used in the ISO literature.

    At the end of the 1960s, the first character-oriented DCE procedures emerged that were standardized internationally: the ISO basic mode or the control procedure with the 7-bit code, according to DIN 66019.

    The character-oriented DCE procedures are defined in national and international standards: ISO 1745, 115, 2628, 2629, ECMA-16 and DIN 66019. The character-oriented procedures perform their control function by means of control characters. The transmission is code-bound, whereby the IA-5 alphabet (International Alphabet 5) is generally used. These procedures work with automatic error correction, which is appended to each data block for block checking.

    A procedure can be divided into individual procedure phases. The individual phases support dialing and connection establishment, information transfer, error correction, and connection termination.

  2. In programming technology, a procedure is a subroutine. Such subroutines, also known as subroutines, allow rules formulated as programs to become instructions in another program. The structure of a program procedure is precisely defined and consists of parameters and instructions.

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