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procedural programming

Procedural programming is a type of structured programming. With it a total task, which is to be solved software-like, is divided into smaller subtasks. Each subtask is easier to describe, program and test. In addition the developing program code can be used in other programs again, a very important aspect in the software engineering.

The program modules developing with the task solution are called procedures and/or functions, whereby it is to be considered that procedural programming is to be equated by no means with functional programming - both follow different programming paradigms. rozeduren and functions are usually grouped according to task areas to libraries, which can be then distributed and merged into arbitrarily many other programs.

Typical procedural programming languages are, for example, Pascal, the C programming language and BASIC; all already quite old. More modern programming languages such as Java and C# regard the procedural approach as obsolete and instead rely on the further development to object-oriented programming.

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