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printed circuit board unbundling

A preparatory step for the production of printed circuit boards is the routing of the tracks. Based on the schematic

, it is

used to optimally position the electronic components and guide the traces on the PCB

.For PCB


, there arevarious layout programs that calculate the exact positioning of the electronic components, chips, microprocessors, connectors and interconnects, as well as the position of pads, solder pads, vias and microvias. They also calculate the number of PCB layers, the ground planes and traces on each layer, their widths and cross-free routing, vias and location for embedded components. Current carrying traces have different priorities than signal carrying traces. Both should be as short as possible and have minimum distances to other conductors


Unbundled PCB layout, photo:

Unbundled PCB layout, photo:

For PCB calculation, the electronic components are stored in a component database with their dimensions, power ratings and connection positions. In addition to the routing of the tracks, solder masks

, drill holes and registration marks are provided for the subsequent board exposure during this process. The layout for the PCB routing is output by the layout systems as a Gerber file.

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