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print on demand (PoD)

Print-on-demand(PoD) is an on-demand service that, like Book-on-demand ( BoD) or Publishing-on-demand (PoD), refers to the printing of individual books or very short runs of up to around 100 copies.

With print-on-demand, books are printed on demand or as needed. The author assumes the role of publisher on his or her own responsibility. He or she creates the text files, typeset the book pages in selected typography, designs the book cover and determines the printing parameters. A print-on-demand print shop acts as the service provider, printing the book and processing it. Production takes place in a few working days. The work can have high- resolution color photos and hardcover or other covers.

The price of print-on-demand books depends on the print run, the number of pages and page format, the paper, the cover and the processing, i.e. binding.

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