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presence technology

Presence technology allows users to view their communication status. Presence technology is an application of instant messaging( IM) that can be used to determine the status of the communication partner, hence the name presence determination or presence display.

Since today's users use a wide variety of communication devices and services - landline devices, telephones, mobile devices, smartphones, e-mail, instant messaging, etc. - and also use certain technologies only at certain times, presence indication is used to determine whether the user is available on which service and at what time.

The availability status of a user is displayed for various programs in a sequence of status messages, provided with icons or smileys. The communication partner can see from the messages whether or when the user is working online, whether and when he is busy and does not want to be disturbed, or whether he is in the office at all. The Messenger application programs from Microsoft and Yahoo are examples of presence detection.

Presence technology guidelines were established by the Internet Engineering Task Force( IETF) with the Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol( IMPP). Improved presence technology is achieved with Rich Presence Technology( RPT), which also displays the location, furthermore whether it is a stationary or mobile device, which operating system is used and some other data.

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