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premium rate service (PRS)

Premium rate services (PRS) are value-added services provided by switched networks, for example, in the ISDN, telephone network or mobile communications network, and in the national area begin with the service codes (0)190 (was switched off in mid-2006) or (0)900. International Premium Rate Services( IPRS) have the service code (0)979.

This value-added service is characterized by an agreement between the service provider, represented by the network operator, and the caller. In this context, the service provider and the network operator determine the rate in consultation with each other and within the limits set by law. This is divided into several rate levels, which can be identified by the first digit after the 0900. This digit also indicates the service. For example, the number 09001 identifies information services, the number 09003 entertainment services, and 09005 special services for adults. The service identifier can be used to block certain services. The different rate classes are reached by changing the number of charge pulses.

Rate classes for premium rate service (PRS)

Rate classes for premium rate service (PRS)

Since service providers do not comply with the rate tiers, the charges must be indicated in advertising or announced for voice telephony services.

The PRS number consists of nine digits in total, with the last four digits representing the service provider's number.

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