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preimpregnated (Prepreg)

Prepeg is the abbreviation for Preimpregnated and means pre-impregnated. The term prepeg is used in PCB technology for pre-impregnated intermediate layers of multilayer PCBs and HDI PCBs

. Prepregs are flexible laminates

consistingof resin and glass fibre

. They arebetween 50 µm and 175 µm thick and act as a kind of adhesive between the solid core layers. After lamination, the adhesive hardens.

Example of a four-layer multilayer printed circuit board

Example of a four-layer multilayer printed circuit board

Thicker prepregs have a higher type designation and provide greater stability in multilayer printed circuit boards. The resin content of prepregs depends on the prepreg type and is between 75 % and approx. 50 %. To ensure that the characteristic HF properties of the PCBs are not impaired, prepregs must have the same flame resistance as the core boards.

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