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power resistor

Power resistors are resistors that can dissipate higher power. They can be designed as wire-wound


or thick-film resist



There are no specific power values above which a resistor is to be classified as a power res istor.The classification is purely subjective and depends on the application. In electronics, resistors with 0.5 W are already classified as power resistors, whereas in power engineering values of 50 W are specified.

Thick-film power resistor for 100 W, photo: Eldis

Thick-film power resistor for 100 W, photo: Eldis

To dissipate the absorbed power, power resistors are equipped with heat sinks or heat dissipationplates or are housed in aluminium cases and are mounted directly on a heat-conducting surface for better heatdissipation. Power resistors are used as heating resistors, discharge resistors or as protective resistors for current and voltage limitation.

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