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power management IC (power supply) (PMIC)

Power management ICs(PMIC) are extremely compact integrated circuits(IC) for power supply and power management. They are intelligent circuits equipped with various control functions and switching capabilities that are used in place of discrete analog circuits in many applications.

Power management ICs are integrated, extremely space-saving power supply chips that have the best performance values and many control functions. Many of the different designs are scalable, feature low noise, low electromagnetic interference, high power density, precision in control response and high voltage stability, reduce circuit complexity and component count compared to electronic circuits, and also reduce power supply complexity.

PMICs can include linear regulators, switching regulators, voltage regulators, LDO regulators and load switches as system-on-chips ( SoC), as well as driver circuits and battery management systems. The configuration is done by hardware and by means of communication.

PIMCs are used in all electronic circuits with power supply. These can be consumer electronics devices, notebooks, tablets, game consoles or network components, electronic controls in industrial environments and automotive applications.

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