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power delivery network (PDN)

The term supply network, Power Delivery Network( PDN), is used in electronic devices. Such a network consists of connections and is used to supply power to active components, central processing units, printed circuit boards, graphics processors, ASICs, FPGAs and other power chips.

Power Distribution Networks ensure that the active circuits of devices are supplied with the correct supply voltage. Such a PDN network consists of cables, power rails, connectors, traces, vias and embedded wirelaids for high- current lines. The Power Delivery Network is used to establish the connections between the voltage regulators and the VRM modules with the pads of the various chips and ASICs, via which these and also all active components are supplied with the correct supply voltage. In order to provide the lowest possible noise and stable supply voltage, PDN networks contain passive electronic components such as decoupling capacitors and coils for voltage smoothing. Such a power distribution network can extend over the entire board and be connected to many components.

PDN networks ensure that the active components are supplied with stable, smoothed and low-noise supply voltages and that electromagnetic interference( EMI) and electromagnetic emissions( EME) are as low as possible.

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