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positive temperature coefficient (PTC)

PTC thermistors are heat-sensitive, non-linear resistors with a positive temperature coefficient. Unlike thermistors

, the resistance of PTC thermistors increases with increasing temperature. PTC thermistors, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC), conduct current better at low temperatures. PTC thermistors are available in resistance values from 1 ohm

to 100 kilo-ohms. Temperature ranges are from -65 °C to +200 °C and the temperature coefficient is as low as 1%/°C.

Characteristic curves of NTC and PTC thermistors

Characteristic curves of NTC and PTC thermistors

They are made of electroceramic materials such as barium titanate (BaTiO3) and are used for temperature compensation in power supplies

, devices and of electronic components and prevent overheating inhigh-power LEDs

. For PTC thermistors there is also the term posistor.

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