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polymer clad silica (fiber optics) (PCS)

The Polymer Clad Silica(PCS) is a hybrid optical fiber, which belongs to the step fibers.

The Polymer Clad Silica Fiber is made of quartz glass and plastic. The core glass is quartz glass, and the cladding is plastic. The core glass has a diameter of 200 µm and a polymer cladding.

Attenuation behavior of plastic and glass fibers

Attenuation behavior of plastic and glass fibers

The cladding diameter is generally between 300 µm and 550 µm. The PCS fiber is operated at wavelengths of 750 nm and 650 nm. Its attenuation values are around 10 dB/km and are as high as 150 dB/km for the 500 µm version with a 650 nm source. The bandwidth length product is between 10 MHz x 100 m to 20 MHz x 100 m. It can be used in the temperature range between -40 °C and +125 °C and is therefore also suitable for automotive applications.

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