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Polygons are polygons: triangles, quadrilaterals, other polygons, and polygons in concave or convex form. They are used in computer graphics

to represent surfaces and solids and are defined by the arbitrary number of points. In a polygon, adjacent points are connected by lines and form the edges of the polygon. In the two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system

, the vertices of polygons are defined by the two coordinate points in the X and Y axes and by the connecting lines. In the three-dimensional coordinate system, the Z-value is added.

Determination of polygons

Determination of polygons

A polygon always forms a self-contained surface that lies in a plane. In the case of curved bodies, the surface is approximated by several smaller polygons or formed by curved polygons. The polygon with the fewest points and edge lines is the triangle. If several polygons are connected with each other, then at least one edge line must belong to two polygons at the same time. This is called a polygon mesh.

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