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policy control and charging (LTE) (PCC)

Policy Control and Charging (PCC) is the functional part of LTE networks where the policies and rules arechecked and the costs for the connections and services are calculated.

The PCC architecture forms part of the Evolved Packet Core( EPC) and consists of several functional units. These include the Policy and Charging Rules Function( PCRF), Policy and Charging Enforcement Function ( PCEF), Serving Gateway( SGW), Online Charging System( OCS), Offline Charging System ( OFCS), Subscription ProfileRepository( SPR), and Application Function( AF).

The PCC architecture, Policy Control and Charging, of LTE.

The PCC architecture, Policy Control and Charging, of LTE.

These various functional units are indirectly and directly related to each other and provide each other with data for control and charging purposes; they also ensure that an appropriate quality of service and bandwidth are provided to the subscriber.

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