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pointer (PTR)

The term pointer (PTR) is used in a variety of techniques, including Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH), memory, and IP addresses.

  1. In the SDH hierarchy, a pointer indicates the position of the first channel in the STM data frame. It is the first byte in the STM data frame, i.e., the beginning of a container. Since the information is of particular importance to the receiver, the pointer is protected against bit errors by encoding.

  2. In memory technology, a pointer is a link to the stored data. Depending on the memory concept, only the pointers are stored, since they contain the link to the data sets. This saves the storage of metadata.

  3. In the case of IP addresses, a domain name pointer can be used to draw conclusions about the host name. This means that the IP address of a computer can be used to infer its owner. This procedure is also known as reverse DNS. If the reverse DNS entries were maintained, this could be an active help against spam. Since this would simplify the authentication.

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