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point to point (P2P)

A point-to-point connection( P2P, PtP or PP) is a connection variant in which a direct connection is established between two network nodes or stations. Such a direct connection can be a connection between two components of a network, or an end-to-end connection between two end devices. Point-to-point connections exist in wired networks, optical transmission technology, radio technology, directionalradio and in the connection area.

  1. In networks, a point-to-point link represents a direct connection between two network components, between network components and peripheral devices, between the terminal devices of two network users, or between subscriber network interfaces. The P2P connection takes place on the transport-oriented layers of the OSI reference model. In place of a subscriber- network interface also an interface to a central device in the network. The designation point-to-point connection says nothing about the type of connection. It can be permanently switched or routed via exchanges.
  2. If a point-to-point connection is made between two terminals, it is an end-to-end connection. Such a P2P connection can include various network and switching components.
  3. In radio PP directional radio and optical directional radio( FSO), the point-to-point connection links two stations via a directional radio link.
  4. A direct link can also be implemented using tunneling. In this case, a virtual connection is established within an existing network configuration.
  5. In the connection area on the last mile, point-to-point connections are implemented using a wide variety of technologies. For example, Ethernet in the First Mile( EFM) or FTTx technologies. There are two topologies for Ethernet: Ethernet Point to Point (P2P) and Passive Optical Network( PON).
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