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Podcast is a neologism made up of the well-known MP3 playeriPod( Apple) and broadcasting. It is the collection and provision of audio contributions, so-called episodes, on the Internet and downloading from the Internet.

The process involves recording audio data, compressing it into a suitable audio file format, such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding( ATRAC), WindowsMediaAudio(WMA) or others, and making it available in the podcasting server. In order for the interested party to find the audio contributions on the Internet, they are published by means of RSS feed or Atom feed with the corresponding web address.

Interested parties can find the publications of the audio contributions in the podcast directories ( and can download them to their computers with a suitable podcasting client and play them with the appropriate audio codec. The RSS feeds are text files in which the audio entries, their file format and length, the date, etc. are specified; however, they do not contain the audio files that are stored on the web server. If you have chosen MP3 as the file format, you can use the ID3 tags and extend them with certain information.

Podcasting principle

Podcasting principle

Podcasting has a certain similarity with audio-on-demand, as you can listen to the audio postings at any time after downloading them.

Podcasting has already created other neologisms, such as the podcaster, who creates the audio files, the podcatcher, who downloads the audio files, and the podder, who listens to the audio files. Analogous topodcasting, there is the term vodcasting for downloading video files.

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