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plastic dual inline package (PDIP)

The Plastic Dual Inline Package (PDIP) is a rectangular plastic DIP with the connection contacts on the long sides. PDIPs are available with 8 to 48 connections for the THR technique, in which the connection pins are inserted through the PCB


Plastic Dual-in-Line Package (PDIP), Photo: ASE global

Plastic Dual-in-Line Package (PDIP), Photo: ASE global

The PDIP package is a relatively robust package that is resistant to contamination, but it is considerably larger than the miniaturized CSP packages. The PDIP is available in two standard widths of 6.6 mm and 13.5 mm. The package length depends on the number of connections and ranges from 9.3 mm (8), 22.8 mm (10), 29.9 mm (16) and 37.4 mm (22, 24, 28). Furthermore, the DIP package is available in a ceramic version as PDIP and with a smaller pitch as SDIP (shrink).

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