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plane of control

The control level, Plane of Control, is the top level above the process level in the three- layer level model for automation.

On this level are the master computers, the workstations and the networks. In addition, certain fieldbuses such as Bacnet, Interbus, Time Triggered Protocol SAE Class C( TTP/C) and FlexRay are located at this level.

Process automation levels

Process automation levels

The control level is used to control the entire plant and production facilities. Networking with Ethernet or Industrial Ethernet often takes place at this level. In certain applications such as automotive technology, safety-relevant requirements are placed on the fieldbuses.

In process control technology, the level model consists of various control levels: The plant control level for business management tasks, the production control level for logistical and scheduling tasks, the process control level for process monitoringand the field level for measured value acquisition and transmission.

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