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plan, do, check, adjust (PDCA)

The PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) is a cycle used in project management and safety management that is limited in time and relates to the planning, development, testing and adaptation of

planned measures. The PDCA cycle consists of the four security levels

for planning (Plan), development (Do), testing (Check) and adaptation (Adjust).Definition of the security level Plan: In the Plan phase, concrete objectives for individual security systems in the company are derived from abstract security guidelines. A security level consists of a collection of measurable thresholds. Such operational goals could be the updating of virus scanners or the uninterrupted operation of systems

. Security LevelData Collection and Analysis Do: Information

about the current status of the systems is collected and analyzed in the status reports of the individual security components.Security Level Check: During security management, the defined security level

is continuously compared with the currently measured values.

The automated real-time comparison provides the company with a constantly updated status report for assessing the security situation at all locations.

Adjusting the security structure Act: By constantly monitoring the security level, weak points in the network can be detected at an early stage.

This enables proactive adjustments to be made to the security systems.

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