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The term pigtail is used for both fiber optic cables and coaxial cables. It is a pre-terminated connecting cable with one or two connectors attached.

Optical fiber pigtail

Optical fiber pigtail

  1. A pigtail is a pre-terminated fiber optic connection to which a fiber optic connector has already been mounted in the laboratory. Since connector assembly on site is problematic, the pigtail is connected to the optical fiber with a fusion splice or a crimp splice. A pigtail is used to couple optical components and to shunt optical connections. Pigtails are available with all common FO connectors. They are about 1m to 2m long.
  2. For high- frequency cables, a short connector with different plugs is called a pigtail.
    Coaxial pigtail with N connector and SMA connector

    Coaxial pigtail with N connector and SMA connector

    This short connector, which is only about 20 cm to 30 cm long, provides the RF transition between different RF connectors and coaxial cables. For example, between an SMA plug, a mini coaxial plug and a TNC plug, or from an MMCX plug to an SMA socket. The function is the same as an adapter from one connector system to another.
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