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piezo ceramics

Piezoceramic is a ceramic material made of polycrystalline lead zirconate titanate(PZT) with piezoelectric properties. The piezoelectric properties are manifested in the piezoelectric effect, in which electrical charges are generated on the surface when deformation or pressure is applied.

This normal piezoelectric effect is used in piezoelectric sensors, in piezoelectric generators and sound transducers. On the other hand, piezo ceramics can be bent by applying a voltage to the ceramic surface. This inverse piezo effect is used in piezo actuators.

Piezoceramics as pressure sensor

Piezoceramics as pressure sensor

Piezoceramics can be manufactured in discs, plates, strips, rings, domes, tubes and many special shapes for actuators and sensors. They are used in medical technology, textile industry, robotics, pneumatics, medical technology, automation technology and in many industrial and consumer-oriented areas for generating vibrations and ultrasonic waves in piezo speakers, piezo motors, piezo printers or in fuel injection systems in automobiles.

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