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picture archiving and communication system (medical) (PACS)

Picture Archiving and Communication System(PACS) is a medical imaging storage technology used in telemedicine to store, archive and manage radiological images.

A PACS includes data analysis of medical images for the purpose of diagnosis and teleradiology, short-term archiving and long-term archiving, and communication capabilities via communication networks. Archived images include ultrasound images, CT scans, MRI scans, and X-rays. Dan PACS, medical image files can be securely stored on external servers and accessed globally via the Internet using PACS software. The PACS concept works exclusively with electronic image data, eliminating the need for paper documents and the archiving of physical documents. The diigital data sets are easier to archive and allow remote access, so doctors at different locations can access the same documents and X-ray images. In addition, the digitalimages can be linked to hospital information systems, Radiology Information System (RIS) or the electronic patient record.

A standardized format, Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine( DICOM), is available for the creation, exchange and communication of medical images. By networking the image-generating and image-processing devices, the performance of the overall system can be increased and costs can be reduced. PACS systems are used in radiology, nuclear medical imaging, cardiology, pathology, oncology and dermatology.

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