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photoblog (Plog)

A photoblog, also known as a plog, is a weblog where posts are posted as photos, and as with weblogs, in reverse chronological order: the most recent photo appears as the first photo. The older photos follow chronologically. The photos are only provided with caption and comments.

Photoblogs photos can be private photos kept for private records in the form of a journal, or photo galleries for art photographs of high artistic value. The photos posted are usually photos from digital cameras or smartphones (moblog), as they can be edited extremely flexibly and uploaded in a wide variety of file formats. Like weblogs, photoblogs are based on weblog software. This provides, among other things, the chronological order of the posted photos and the textual support.

There are tens of thousands of photoblogs on the Internet, some of which feature brilliant photos. In addition to purely private representations, there is photojournalism and many thematic areas with nature, landscape, travel and portrait photos. Monetization of the photos or image sharing can take place via corresponding websites.

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