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phong shading

There are various rendering techniques for the creation of computer graphics. Shading techniques play an important role in these processes, because only through them are realistic body representations with shadow gradients and shadow representations possible. These shading techniques include flat shading, phong shading and Gouraud shading.

In flat shading, where the polygons themselves do not have a gradient, the edge structure of the abutting polygons is clearly visible. To avoid this and to obtain a smoothed surface with a continuous color gradient, there is also phong shading in addition to Gouraud shading.

Phong-Shading, Graphic: TU-Vienna

Phong-Shading, Graphic: TU-Vienna

In Phong-Shading, the color values at the polygon corners are determined for the color gradient and normals are calculated for each individual pixel. The process, which is very computationally intensive, interpolates the normals and thus adapts the color gradients to the curved object surfaces.

In addition to phong shading, there are graphics methods for realistic and photorealistic 3D representations with light-shadow effects: ray tracing and radiosity.

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