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phase change RAM (PRAM)

A Phase Change RAM (PCRAM or PRAM) is a random access memory (RAM) as a phase change memory( PCM). It is a non-volatile memory whose memory cells are based on the change of state of the electrical resistance of the memory material.

Structure of a phase-change memory (PCM) cell.

Structure of a phase-change memory (PCM) cell.

PRAMs are more scalable than any other semiconductor memory technology, offering the short access times of RAMs and the non-volatile characteristics of flash memories. Because PRAMs can be rewritten without first erasing previously accumulated data, they have many times the speed of flash memories. In addition, their lifetime is also about ten times that of flash memories.

Due to their semiconductor structures, PRAMs have the smallest size of a memory cell at less than '0.05 ┬Ám^2'.

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