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pervasive computing

Pervasive computing is a trend characterized by increasingly embedded microprocessors in products used in everyday life. The word pervasive means widespread or pervasive. This trend, which includes ambient intelligence, is also known as ubiquitous computing. In pervasive computing, individual devices are constantly available and interconnected.

Pervasive computing is based on the convergence ofwireless technologies, advanced electronics and the Internet. It works with small intelligent units whose generated data is available everywhere. Thus, pervasive computing can be used in automatic meter reading( AMR) of electricity, water or gas meters, or for in smart metering. It can be used in telemedicine and home patient monitoring, Ambient Assisted Living( AAL), transmitting patient medical data to the doctor or hospital. Likewise, it can support other general living situations with additional intelligence. It can determine and transmit the geographic coordinates of people, facilitate payment for goods and communication with friends.

All the components required for pervasive computing such as sensors, the wireless technologies like Bluetooth, RFID or ZigBee, the embedded components and micro devices with Internet connectivity are readily available.

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