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personal information manager (PDA) (PIM)

A PersonalInformation Manager (PIM) is a management software that combines various personal information programs and organizer functions.

PIM programs usually include various organizer functions with which appointments, addresses, tasks, notes, messages. E-mails and phone numbers can be managed and linked with each other. The functionality of PIM programs is constantly being expanded and, in addition to the functions mentioned, can also include photo archiving, e-mails, address book, notepad and reminder functions for birthdays and anniversaries, dialing telephone numbers or sending messages in the short message service( SMS).

PIMs exist with their management functions for PDAs, smartphones and desktops. One of the best known is Windows Outlook from Microsoft, others include Palm Desktop, WinPIM, C-Organizer, Web PIM and Info-Man. Many of these programs are available free of charge or for a small cost as Software as a Service( SaaS).

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