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personal digital cellular (mobile communications, Japan) (PDC)

PersonalDigital Cellular(PDC) is the name of the Japanese mobile communications system that operates in the 900 MHz range.

The Japanese PDC system is comparable with the GSM network and is also known as Japanese Digital Cellular (JDC). The uplinkrange is between 940 MHz and 960 MHz, and the downlink range is between 810 MHz and 830 MHz. The channel spacing for the 800 channels is 25 kHz, with a duplex spacing of 130 MHz.

Voice transmission uses error correction techniques via a VSELP-based, Vector Sum Excited Linear Predictive, vocoder with a compressed data rate of 11 kbit/s including error correction. At the air interface, a transmission rate of 42 kbit/s is available for each channel.

In addition to the PDC800, the frequency range of 1.5 GHz is also available for future applications (PDC1500).

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