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personal computer smartcard (PC/SC)

The PC/ SC interface is a standardized programming interface for supporting smart card terminals for smart cards in the PC environment. The PC/SC interface was developed by the working group of the same name, which was made up of well-known IT companies.

The PC/S interface is a flexible interface between personalcomputers (PC) and smart cards (SC), through which the development of smart card applications for various operating systems is supported.

During development, care was taken to ensure that the PC/SC interface is vendor- and platform-independent, that technological advances can be exploited without the need to develop new applications, and that the consistency of existing solutions conforms to smart card and PC standards. Because smart cards use different encryption, there is a functional separation between the smart card functionality and the cryptographic functions in the PC/SC interface. This separation allows the cryptographic functions to be disconnected without affecting general use.

The PC/SC 1.0 version is implemented in Windows operating systems. Version 2.0 also supports contactless smart cards.

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