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personal cloud storage (PCS)

PersonalCloud Storage(PCS) is one of several concepts for a personal cloud storage. Personal cloud storage is a local NAS system on which the user can store a wide variety of personal data from photos, videos, music, etc. and access it individually or in streaming, regardless of location.

The private cloud can operate as a Network Attached Storage (NAS), where the NAS storage is the central component on which the data is stored and backed up and can be accessed with various devices. Such a concept is of interest when high storage capacity that cannot be provided by a personal computer or a notebook is needed, or when the stored data needs to be accessed from multiple devices and different locations. In addition, multiple users can access the content through a web browser.

The storage capacity of simple PCS systems is several terabytes( TB), while more complex PCS systems have storage capacities of up to 50 TB. Server-based personal clouds are an alternative to NAS-based PCS systems.

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