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permanent circuit connection

Permanent connections permanently connect two connection points to each other without switching, so there is no need to establish or terminate a connection. The physical transmission level can include all known wired and wireless transmission media.

Depending on the intended use and the bandwidth provided, leased lines can be used to transmit voice data, data data, audio data, image data, and video data. This makes leased lines ideal for setting up corporate networks (CN) across multiple locations.

Leased lines are provided by network operators on a rental basis to the user or other network operators. The designation and differentiation of the various types of leased lines is based on terms used by Deutsche Telekom, with the following leased lines being distinguished: The standard fixed connection (SFV), the direct data connection (DDV) and the carrier fixed connection (CFV).

The product range extends from simple analog transmission paths with bandwidths of 3.1 kHz to high-speed digital transmission paths with 155 Mbit/s and optical interfaces. Leased lines require no connection setup times and offer high availability.

Leased lines are also referred to as leased lines or private circuits.

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