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performance optimized data center (POD)

POD data centers are data centers housed in a container. Such a pod data center consists of prefabricated units with mounting devices for servers and storage units. In this context, it is referred to as a pod frame, an architecture that supports rapid planning and installation of a data center with computers and other data center components.

The aim of the pod concept is to design, plan, install and configure data centers to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. Hence the name POD, which stands for Performance Optimized Data Center. The basic unit of a Pod data center is a huge, self-contained box with autonomous infrastructure for electricity, air conditioning, communications and networks.

Pod module from Dell Technologies, photo by Schneider Electric.

Pod module from Dell Technologies, photo by Schneider Electric.

Inside the pod frame are rack-mount facilities for power supplies, computers, storage units and communications components. The pod frame is scalable, and the equipment can be expanded to meet future needs. This allows the latest technologies to be used in the pod expansion. The complete data center in the box is pre-assembled and tested.

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