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peer to peer service (P2P service)

In the context of the Internet, barter exchanges are online exchanges. These are websites on which goods and services of all kinds are offered for exchange. The website forms the electronic trading platform on which participants submit offers for bartering.

To enable interested parties to quickly find the product they are looking for, the websites of swap exchanges are divided into many different categories. The pallet reaches from offers from sport and play, house and garden, spare time and occupation, over products of the entertainment electronics, computer and application software, up to offers for all age groups and sexes.

Homepage of Die Tauschbö

Homepage of Die Tauschbö

On the exchange stock exchange registered offerers present the exchange product in detail with photo. They go on the condition and the age of the offer and on the desired exchange object. Interested parties offer the provider desired products for exchange. The actual bartering takes place according to agreed rules, which may also require notarial support. For example, when real estate is exchanged.

Barter exchanges have a certain similarity to auction platforms on which goods and services are offered and auctioned off. There are barter exchanges that use their own currency. Bartering is subject to legal provisions if laws or morality are violated.

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