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peak power

  1. The term peak power is used in acoustics as a characteristic value of power amplifiers. It is the maximum power that an amplifier can deliver to the load resistor, or loudspeaker, for a short time. The time specified for evaluating peak power is typically 10 ms. In other measurement methods, such as Peak Music Power Output( PMPO), the peak power rating is 1 ms.
  2. Inphotovoltaics, peak power is referred to as peak power and is expressed in kilowatt peak (kWp). Peak power is the output of photovoltaic systems under prescribed test conditions. Here, the irradiation is 1,000 W/m2, the module temperature is 25 °C and the Air Mass( AM) is 1.5, which is a factor for the ratio of solar radiation to the thickness of the atmosphere. For perpendicular irradiation, the dimensionless Air Mass factor is 1. The more oblique the solar radiation, the greater the AM factor.
  3. In radar technology, pulse technology is used. This means that the pulse power is generated only for a short time and always when the transmit power is pulsed. This pulse power is specified as peak power and depends on the peak amplitude and the pulse duration. It is calculated from the pulse frequency, the duty cycle and the pulse amplitude.
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