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pay per lead (advertising) (PPL)

Online advertising has various payment models with which the costs can be planned in relation to the results. Pay per lead (PPL) is such a remuneration model that works with fixed amounts.

The PPL model is derived from Cost per Lead( CPL) and is based on the fact that a certain amount is agreed for each qualified prospect (lead). This gives advertisers a high degree of planning security, allowing them to adjust their online activities to their advertising budgets. The PPL model is mainly offered for sponsored links by search engine operators.

Pay-per-x models of web advertising

Pay-per-x models of web advertising

The pay-per-x models, like the cost-per-x models such as cost per action( CPA), cost per click ( CPC), cost per lead (CPL), cost per order( CPO) or cost per sale( CPS), can be extended to orders, pay per order (PPO), or sales, pay per sale ( PPS).

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