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pay before

Pay Before is one of several payment models used in both traditional payments and e-commerce; the others are Pay Now and Pay Later.

PayBefore means payment in advance. The amount for the service or the purchased product must therefore be transferred before the delivery or the service provided. Pay Before only says something about when the payment or transfer must be made, not about the method of payment: whether cash, check, wire transfer, debit card, credit card, or other method. The Pay Before payment method is often offered with cost benefits. Examples of Pay Before are prepaid and credit cards and debiting the amount before delivery.

With Pay Now, payment is made immediately with the purchase of a product. Classic examples are the store where you purchase goods with the payment process or cash on delivery through shipping. On the Internet, it is the transfer via online banking or the debit from a bank card, which takes place at the same time as the purchase.

With Pay Later, the payment is made after delivery. The customer has already received the product and can make the transfer after receiving the invoice.

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