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Pay TV is pay television. Unlike free TV, which broadcasts TV programs from non-commercial providers, pay TV is encrypted pay TV. Pay TV programs can only be received with a set-top box with a special decoder, which is used to decode the digital TV signals.

In the case of pay TV, the customer concludes a contract with the program provider, who has various offer models available. The offering models distinguish between a specific offering segment, such as sports programs, movie offerings, or knowledge programs, which can be booked individually or combined into an assortment. Furthermore, the program providers offer time-dependent use with the call-up of individual programs, pay-per-view( PPV), continuous use by means of pay-per- channel ( PPC), the activation of individual programs, video on demand( VoD) or near video on demand ( NVoD) or special quality television in the highest resolution, in ultra- HDTV. . Pay TV means pay television. This term is used relatively rarely.

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