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patient centered medical home (PCMH)

A medical home, Medical Home or Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), is a model of medical care for patients. This model is about comprehensive primary care that takes into account the relationships between the patient, physician, clinic, caregivers, and family.

The medical home does not refer to the patient's home, but to all health care, from wherever and by whomever it is delivered. It must be delivered in any place with compassion and respect for the patient so that the patient's dignity is not compromised in any way.

Medical principles have been established for the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) that relate to the patient, the medical professionals, the caregivers, and the quality and safety of health care. An important criterion emerges from the term Patient Centered, patient-centered. It states that the partnership between doctors, patients and their families must be ensured to respect the wishes, needs and preferences of the patient. Another aspect relates to care, which should be comprehensive. The team is responsible for the physical and mental condition of the patient. The care of the patient is an important aspect in which the nurses, hospitals, home health care and social services can be involved. This involves day and night all-round care.

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