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password authenticated connection establishment (nPA) (PACE)

Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE) is a security protocol used in the electronic identity card(ePA). PACE means something like password authenticated connection establishment. PACE involves the encrypted transmission of data over an end-to-end connection.

The whole security procedure for reading data from an electronic ID card consists of the authentication cycle between the card reader and the card chip performed by the Extended Access Control( EAC), the Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE) and the Restricted Identification ( RI).

As for authentication, it is usually performed by the cardholder's personal identification number( PIN). In case of external verification by authorized officials, they use the card access number( CAN). This authentication enables access to the ID card, which works with RFID. As far as transmission is concerned, the PACE protocol is comparable to the TLS protocol, Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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