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pan tilt zoom (PTZ)

PTZ stands for pan, tilt and zoom and is used in surveillance camera technology. PTZ cameras are network cameras for video surveillance

which, in contrast to fixed cameras, can also be used for tracking people. In addition to the classic PTZ camera, there is also the PTZ dome camera. This differs from the classic design in that a dome-shaped privacy screen is mounted above the video

camera and that the angle of rotation of the video camera is all-round, i.e. 360°. The camera lens is adapted to the surveillance area and the video camera itself is protected against vandalism or intentional damage according to the application.

PTZ dome camera, photo:

PTZ dome camera, photo:

In order to direct the focus of surveillance persons to critical areas, the playback field of PTZ cameras can be masked. This has the advantage of reducing data and directing the view of the monitoring persons directly to the critical areas. In practice, the panning movement is performed automatically and the display is monitored by security personnel. As for the tracking during the person tracking, this can be done automatically.

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