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paid placement

Paid placement is paid placement on the results pages of search engines. Paid Placement, Paid Listing, Paid Inclusion or Bid for Placement are search engine procedures in which the placement in the results list is paid for.

In addition to the classic search results list, the organic listing, the search engine results pages often include a further results list whose order of results is determined by a bidding process, the paid listing or sponsored listing. The provider who offers the highest price is ranked first for the desired search term.

The price for the ranking positions is determined according to the Cost per Click( CPC) remuneration model. The order of the providers and AdWords( Google) is determined by the sophisticated technology of the bidding process. The website whose operator has submitted the highest bid is placed at the front of the order on the results pages. Other search engine operators work with their own concepts or third-party providers, for example Yahoo, Lycos, use the service provider Miva, formerly Espotting.

Paid placement with organic and paid listing on Bing

Paid placement with organic and paid listing on Bing

Paid placement models are very sophisticated cost-benefit models in which the advertiser can plan a fixed budget. If the amount budgeted is reached by the cost per clicks, the provider will not be considered further in the paid placement. The costs for a paid placement depend on the number of interested parties and range from a few euro cents to double- digit euro amounts.

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