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Pagejacking is a word creation from page and hijacking. Pagejacking, also known as web napping, involves illegally copying the content ofwebsites and integrating it into other websites.

Since it is not possible for search engines to identify which web page is causal and copyright relevant, all web pages captured by means of pagejacking appear in the results lists and thus increase their traffic.

If sufficient content has been copied by means of pagejacking and the copied content is provided with metadata and descriptors, the web pages with the copied content can be rated better by search engines than the original page. Since both web pages, the original and the copied one, show up in the search results, visitors are also led to the pagejackers' copied web pages, which often lead to dubious or pornographic offers.

The technique of pagejacking is often combined with the technique of mousetrapping, where the visitor cannot leave the website.

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