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packet Internet groper (PING)

Packet Internet Groper (PING) is an implementation of the Echo protocol and is used to test the reachability of target stations on the Internet. For this purpose, a request is sent using the Internet Control Message Protocol( ICMP) and the response is waited for. The Ping protocolchecks whether a specific IP address exists and is reachable.

To check the reachability, the text "Ping" is transmitted with the IP address of the target computer and then the response of the corresponding computer is waited for. The time span between sending the data packet to the target computer and back is called Round Trip Time( RTT) or ping time.

If the destination computer does not respond, it is possible that it is not connected to the network or that it does not respond to the ping. It may be configured to ignore all ICMP messages, of which ping is one. It will then not send back any ping. However, such a computer that does not respond to a ping signal may be connected to the Internet or to a local network and work properly there.

An alternative to the ping method is route determination using the traceroute method.

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